Monday, March 28, 2011

Dodson, Peter. Diplodocus Up Close

Dodson, Peter Diplodocus Up Close
Enslow 2011 24 15.95 978-0-7660-3333-7
elem VG-BNes Zoom in on Dinosaurs

This is a book about diplodocus dinosaurs for the very youngest researcher, with illustrations, facts, vocabulary words, and references for further information. This is a well written book for the very youngest child, pre-K to grade 2 or so. After that, a child will want a little more detail, including some sort of idea about the time frame for dinosaur life, which this book does not include. The format is attractive, the “words to know” section is welcome, and the “learn more” section, illustrations, and index will introduce the young child to these concepts painlessly. Kennedy, Carol

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