Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drake, Jane and Ann Love. Yes You Can.

Drake, Jane and Ann Love Yes You Can
Tundra Books 2010 136p 12.95
978-0-88776-942-9 ms/hs Social change VG-BN

This is a primer for students who want to make a difference, covering everything from how to organize a meeting to mastering negotiation skills, with lots of examples and time-lines for actual campaigns.
This little manual is very helpful for the student who is interested in social activism ... it starts out with the story of the young man who began Amnesty International, with great detail about how the organization wrote its constitution to accomplish specific goals and avoid possible pitfalls that would have compromised its work. There are chapters on different types of strugges, from human rights to global warming and recycling efforts. Each chapter also includes important information on tactical and strategic decision-making, with lots of examples. It should be required reading for service clubs and student councils in middle schools and high schools, and would be a good basis of classroom or club discussions. Kennedy, Carol

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