Thursday, March 31, 2011

Freeman, Martha The Case of the Rock’n Roll Dog

Freeman, Martha The Case of the Rock’n Roll Dog
Holiday House 2010 116p 16.95
978-0-8234-2267-8 elem White House (Washington, D.C.) -- Fiction. VG

“ Seven-year-old Tessa and ten-year-old Cameron daughters of the first female president, and owners of a very rambunctious dog, play detective when a baton belonging to the director of the Marine Band goes missing at the White House.” Fans of mystery series may enjoy this first book in the “A First Kids Mystery” series. In this title, seven-year-old Tessa and ten-year-old Cameron are daughters to the first female president of the United States. Ever since their mother has been elected to her new job as president, their normal life and active mom is not the same. They don’t spend the amount of time together like they did in the past doing all the regular family things. Now, the girls have different perks as part of their new life in the White House. When the Song Boys, a the best boy band in America, are scheduled to play a literacy event at the White House, the concert becomes in jeopardy since the John Philip Sousa baton goes missing. The girls are excited about this event and want to invite all their friends do not want the concert to be canceled, so they sleuth around looking for the culprits of the missing item. The girls come up with a list of suspects including their dog, Hooligan because he loves to hide things and their cousin Nate because he doesn’t like the boy band. Being motivated to keep the concert on schedule, the girls investigate options and solve the crime.

Even though this is a fiction story, the author includes trivia facts on the layout of the White House and how it is run, along with information on John Philip Sousa. Two original song scores are also included from the “Song Boys.” Mystery/Detective Forba-Mayer, Charleen

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Diane B. said...

This book looks great! Primary grade students can truly relate to the story line. They enjoy reading mystery books and comedies, and this book includes both. The summary indicates that it would be very humorous. It definitely looks like a great series.