Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lockpez, Inverna Cuba: My Revolution

Lockpez, Inverna Cuba: My Revolution
DC Comics see Random-Vertigo 2010 unp 24.99
9781401222178 hs/adult Cuba - Revolution - life E-BN

Sonya was 17 living Cuba and it was December 31,1958. She was getting ready to bring in the new year and celebrate. She was also watchful, Fidel Castro was fighting the corrupt government and at this point was hiding in the mountains waiting to overthrow the government. To Sonya this meant her country would be free of TYRANNY!!!! But she never expected what happened next!!
Sonya was still a teenager when Fidel Castro overthrew the government and took control of Cuba. At first the people of Cuba celebrated this coup and Sonya joined the military wanting to do her duty. Her parents saw things differently and warned her repeatedly that she should watch her steps. Eventually her mother was able to leave the island with her husband and small child but Sonya refused to leave. Her father a doctor old and in ill health chose to stay behind. Sonya gave up her dreams of becoming an artist and did what every patriot should do. However, during the incident of the “Bay Of Pigs” many things came to a head. For one thing Sonya discovered that her boyfriend who had left Cuba when the government fell was pack but he was wearing the “American army uniform”. She could not understand this. During this time she was also a paramedic and found herself helping her countrymen as well as the “other” army.
Something went wrong that day and she was suspected of being an agent. What happened next in Sonya‘s life are things of nightmare.

Sonya’s young life and views changed gradually and drastically as she observed, suffered and finally realize that to live, she had to leave her country if she could.

This incredible graphic novel will take you on a journey that will leave you hoping Sonya was able to regain her life and start anew.
The graphic novel is done in black and white with the color red. Very clear and very graphic. The storytelling is excellent and the drawing very defined. You will embrace Sonya and hope she was able to succeed rebuilding her life.
Graphic novel Diaz, Magna

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