Monday, March 28, 2011

Math Busters (Enslow)

Wingard-Nelson, Rebecca Algebra Word Problems
Enslow 2010 64p 27.93 978-0-7660-3367-2
elm/ms Algebra VG-BNS Math Busters Word Problems (Enslow)

This volume, part of Enslow’s Math Busters series, offers a clear and lucid explanation of the basic tenets of solving word problems in algebra. In cohesive and well-constructed language, the author begins with the simplest of concepts and works up to the more complex. Each double-paged spread concentrates on one facet of this mathematical science, offering descriptions, problem solving tips, problem solving steps, explanations which include orders of operation, integers, writing algebraic equations, multistep problem solving, as well as many others. There are colorful diagrams and illustrations, correct terminology, formulas, and sidebar extras which provide informative tidbits and add to the readers’ knowledge.
The book begins with a link to the publisher’s web site for further worksheets and ends with a bibliography of book and web sites, and an index. This is an excellent clarification of a topic that many students find difficult to understand. Ogintz, Susan

Wingard-Nelson, Rebecca Graphing and Probability Word Problems
Enslow 2010 64p 27.93 978-0-7660-3372-6
elm/ms math word problems E-BNS Math Busters Word Problems (Enslow)

Detailing the variety of graphing and probability word problems, this text will help students solve these problems by following a plan of attack. Very clear and simplified.
A full range of word problems involving graphing or probability are explained in this text. Each problem is solved using the pattern of understand the problem (what are they asking for?), make a plan, follow the plan, and then review (check). It is especially good because it includes questions such as choosing a scale for a graph and choosing the appropriate type of graph. The accuracy of the answers has been verified.
The photographs are attractive and appropriate. There are sources for further reading and an adequate index.
Students will find this text helpful for an overview of this type of word problem, or for help on working a specific type of problem. A teacher could use copies of this text to teach or reteach different types of word problems.
Highly recommended as a clear, accessible resource for students and teachers.
Theal, Joan

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