Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Menhard, Francha Roffe. Inhalants.

Menhard, Francha Roffe Inhalants
Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark 2010 32p 28.50
978-0-7614-4350-6 elm/ms Inhalants - Drug abuse VG-BNS Drug Facts(MC)

An overview of inhalants and how they affect the body and brain. This volume also includes the legal aspects of inhalant abuse and the treatment of inhalant addiction.
This offering in the Drug Facts (Benchmark Rockets) series presents information about inhalants in four chapters describing the drug group, a brief history of the abuse, how and who abuses inhalants, legal aspects and how to obtain help. Aimed at younger readers, the text is non-nonsense and presented in an interesting manner, with charts, important terms, personal accounts and photos. A two-page insert describes inhalant abuse in Central America.

A glossary, bibliographical information and a index complete this useful volume. Students seeking more information about inhalants, as well as those accessing this volume for reports, will find this a very useful resource. Naismith, Pat

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