Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Michelhill, Barbara. Gruesome Ghosts.

Michelhill, Barbara Gruesome Ghosts (Pathway: Damian Drooth Supersleuth)
Stone Arch see Capstone 2011 23.99 9
78-1-4342-1639-7 elem VG-BN

Damian Drooth, child detective, solves a mystery involving ghosts in this easy reader. Damian tries to impress a new girl and help her grandparents who are afraid of their haunted house.
Damian Drooth overhears a new girl talking about how her grandparents are afraid to stay in their house because it is haunted by ghosts. He pretends to be a reporter to get more information from the elderly couple. After his friends and he do very minor research on ghosts, Damian plans how to catch the ghosts. Damian and one friend go to spend the night in the house. When the lights go out Damian is scared by what he thinks are ghosts, but is really the elderly couple. Resetting himself in the bedroom Damian waits. As the ghosts enter the room, his friend wakes up and attacks. The ghosts turn out to be real estate agents trying to scare the couple into selling their house. In the capture Damian makes several mistakes but it all turns out well in the end.
There is a glossary of some words in the book as well as three open-ended discussion questions. Some writing prompts are also given. These teacher aids would be helpful if a group of children are reading the book.
There is enough action and very age appropriate mistakes made by Damian to make the story believable. Children will enjoy it. Mystery/Detective Theal, Joan

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