Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miller, Debra A.,editor Nuclear Energy

Miller, Debra A.,editor Nuclear Energy
Greenhaven Press see Gale/Cengage 2010 237p 27.50
978-0-7377-4918-2 ms/hs Nuclear Energy E-BN
Current Controversies#4 (Gale/Cengage)

A compilation of articles, the majority written in the last two years, present the pros and cons of using nuclear energy as a power source. Excellent index, organizations to contact and author credentials make this a first source for reports and debates. Gr 6+.
The history of nuclear energy is presented to start the book. Chapter overviews concerning the benefits/risks of nuclear energy, the safety of nuclear energy for humans and environment, the effect of nuclear energy on climate change, and the future of nuclear energy preface at least three articles on each side of the issues. The author’s credentials appear at the beginning of each article as does the original location of the article. Facts are used by each author regardless of which side is being supported. Once again Current Controversies provides an excellent overview of a complex topic that includes information to support persuasive research papers as well as debate teams. The annotated table of contents provide a quick glimpse of what each article includes. An excellent index as well as list of organizations to contact help the student researcher find needed information. A solid addition to any library. Primarily for middle and high school students. McNicol,Lois

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James Aach said...

FYI: Try this one - more fun

“Rad Decision: A Novel of Nuclear Power” culminates in an accident very similar to the Japanese tragedy. (Same reactor type, same initial problem – a station blackout with scram.) The author (me) has worked in the US nuclear industry over 25 years. The book is an excellent source of perspective for the lay person — as I’ve been hearing from readers. There is nothing like it on the market -- I have provided a never-seen insider's perspective on the people, politics and technology of this controversial energy source. Believe me, the real world of nuclear (good and bad) bears little resemblance to what most people think -- and I include in that group most of the journalists, academics and advocates currently chatting away on TV and radio.

Rad Decision is currently available free online at . (No adverts, nobody makes money off this site.) Reader reviews are in the homepage comments - there are plenty of them. There is also a paperback version available and a PDF download.

Unfortunately, my media presence consists of this little-known book and website, so I'm not an acknowledged "expert". I just happpen to do the nuclear stuff for a living.