Monday, March 28, 2011

Mullarkey, Lisa. Cheerleading Basics.

Mullarkey, Lisa Cheerleading Basics
Enslow 2010 48 23.93 978-0-7660-3536-2
ms/jr Cheerleading VG-BNS Ready, Set, Cheer! (Enslow)

All the basic moves and skills of cheerleading are outlined. This little volume includes some valuable information for the beginning cheerleader, including hand and arm positions, equipment, jumps, stretches, and cheers. There is also a brief history of cheerleading and an explanation of its purpose. Good, clear photographs, a glossary, and some other books and websites are a plus in this attractive book.
Minor quibbles: there were typos on pages 29 and 31 (”knows” should be “know” on page 29 and “you” should be “your” on page 31). Kennedy, Carol

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