Wednesday, March 30, 2011

O"Keefe, Sherry. Spin: the story of Michael Jackson

O'Keefe, Sherry Spin: the story of Michael Jackson
Morgan Reynolds 2011 144p 28.95 978-1-59935-134-6 ms/jr
Jackson, Michael, 1958-2009; Rock Musicians -- United States--Biography--Juvenile Literaure. E-BN Biography of music icon Michael Jackson.

Very readable and complete, this biography of the King of Pop follows music icon Michael Jackson╒s life from his earliest days in Gary, Indiana, through his on-the-road, yet sheltered, childhood, to the artist╒s untimely demise in 2009. Author Sherry O"Keefe includes Jackson"s struggles with family, isolation, insecurity, looks, charges of molestation, and prescription drugs. He is presented as a misunderstood genius turned recluse.

Information about Jackson"s personal life is balanced with information about his music. Jackson╒s associations with a veritable "Who's Who" listing of legendary musical performers, combined with his trademark talent and perfectionism, highlight the influence these musicians had on Jackson, and the impact Jackson, in turn, had on the music industry.

Full-color photos and black-and-white photos are liberally incorporated into almost every turn-of-the-page, of this appealing biography. Welliver, Hilary

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