Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Schraff, Anne. To Catch A Dream (Urban Underground)

Schraff, Anne To Catch A Dream (Urban Underground)
Saddleback 2011 200p 8.95
978-1-61651-269-9 secondary VG-BN

Tells the story of Abel Ruiz, a young man who has to overcome parents who see him as a second class son, when compared with his older brother the "genius", to find his own path and dream. He does so with the support of close friends and, suprisingly, the said older brother. While Abel's story takes place in abarrio of a southern California city, it is a classic tale of the underdog rising to the top and meeting success in his life. This is the sort of fiction that truly meets the classification of "high interest, low level" readers. The story grabs the reader right away, the pace is swift, and the vocabulary, while meeting secondary needs, can be understood by readers with limited vocabularies because of context. All of this is packaged in paper cover and small size, two things that high school and middle school male readers are always looking for. Win:win! Realistic Fiction Fisher, Lynn

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