Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sheen, Barbara Meyer, Stephenie: Twilight Saga Author

Sheen, Barbara Meyer, Stephenie: Twilight Saga Author
Kidhaven Press see Gale/Cengage 2010 48p 28.75
978-0-7377-5066-9 elm/ms E-BNe Innovators (Cengage)

An accounting of the author of the recently published Twilight Saga. Stephenie Meyer has proved to be a fresh breath to young readers. Readers will find answers to their questions between the covers of this book.
Meyer’s life before Twilight was that of an English teacher and SuperMom with two small boys. It was just oridinary in most respects. As a child she always liked to watch Saturday morning cartoons where she favored the X-men. She was always an avid storyteller. Many times she would find herself telling herself stories that she had made up for one reason or another.
Then one night she had a dream in which she dreamed of this scene where an average teenage girl was walking in a meadow with a butterscotch eyed vampire. Upon wakening she went to her computer and wrote out the story before her family awoke. Thus began the Twilight Saga.
Stephenie’s dramatic rise to successful writer will full the hearts of many new authors and give them hope. International fame earned so rapidly is certainly something that constantly awes Stephanie.

The inclusion of chronology, chapter notes, several lists, where to obtain more information and a glossary/index make this a useful research tool. The inclusion of web sites for youngsters is also important in school classrooms today.
The flow and balance of both the text and full color visuals are integrated to present a very stimulating book for both young and reluctant readers. McNeil, Linda

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