Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sirrine, Carol. Cool Crafts with Old T-Shirts

Sirrine, Carol Cool Crafts with Old T-Shirts
Capstone Publishers 2010 32p 26.65
978-1-4296-4009-1 ms handicraft; salvage VG-BNS Green Crafts (Capstone)

Each project in this volume uses a t-shirt to create a simple craft or an inexpensive gift.
This book is marketed as a “green crafts” activity. The step-by-step guides offer easy, complete instructions accompanied by clear photographs of the finished projects. Materials lists and safety tips are very complete. The layouts continue the ecologically responsible theme. Nine crafts using T-shirts as the recycled craft material are included: T-shirts as framed pictures; pet tug-toy; handbag; pillow; larger bag; finger-knitted scarf; leg warmer; cover-up; and braided rug.
Some of the crafts (finger-knitted scarf, braided rug) stand out. Most of the crafts can be found in other craft books; they are “standard stuff.” However, attention to detail -- particularly in the sidebar photographs that provide step-by-step guides -- and the attractive and colorful photographs and layouts, make this craft book appealing and easy-to-use. Welliver, Hilary

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