Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walker, Kate. Recycling series

Walker, Kate Clothing
Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark 2011 32p 22.80
978-1-60870-128-5 elem Recycling clothing E-BNes Recycling (MC/Benchmark)

This book introduces the concept of recycling clothing for the very young student, and discusses ways in which this phenomenon effects the environment.
This series introduces various materials that are currently recycled, and the impact that recycling these materials has on the earth╒s environment. It is written simply, illustrated beautifully with full-color photos, and infused with a can-do enthusiasm that will appeal to young children. Examples are given of projects that actual students are involved in, there is one craft project described, and the science is touched on as well. There is a good index and a glossary as well.
Each book has a section on the ways in which recycling a particular material will benefit the earth╒s animals, which is sure to appeal to children. Kennedy, Carol

Walker, Kate Food and Garden Waste
Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark 2011 32p 28.50
978-1-60870-129-2 elm/ms Recycling--Juvenile literature; Refuse and refuse disposal -- Juvenile literature. VG-BNS Recycling (MC/Benchmark)

"Food and Garden Waste" encourages readers to learn where food and garden waste come from and how we can reduce or recycle this waste to benefit the environment. "Food and Garden Waste" explores recycling the waste resulting from food or the garden. It discusses the difference between a compost heap and a worm farm, and provides guidelines for creating a worm farm. Two school projects involving recycling lunch scraps are also described. Readers also learn how to evaluate whether an item should be reused, recycled, or thrown away.

Colorful photographs are helpful in highlighting concepts -- although some readers may be turned off by pictures of meat scraps heaped on a plate, or a fleshless fish (except for the head and tail...). But squeamishness aside, the charts, tables, and photographs are helpful and support the text. A brief glossary explains unfamiliar terms.
This slender volume packs a lot of information! Welliver, Hilary

Walker, Kate Paper
Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark 2011 32p 22.80
978-1-60870-132-2 elem Recycling VG-BNes Recycling (MC/Benchmark)

An interesting overview of the recycling of paper. Readers will get full details about the how, why, where off saving the environment by making used paper into other useable items. The author has written an interesting book filled with facts for young readers who have an interest in recycling paper. The text describes the process of making paper and the importance of saving the environment.

After the importance of an informative text, the most important factor of this book is visual appeal to young readers. The simple layout of the various pages is diversified and well balanced between text and full color illustrations and photographs so that concepts are easily understood. The flow and balance of both the text and visuals are integrated to present a very informative book for both young and reluctant readers.
The book is supported with an index and glossary. McNeil, Linda

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