Monday, March 28, 2011

Wilner, Barry. Basketball’s Top 10 Scorers.

Wilner, Barry Basketball’s Top 10 Scorers
Enslow 2010 48p 23.93 978-0-7660-3470-9
elm/ms basketball’s finest scorers of all time VG-BNS Top 10 Sports Stars (Enslow)

This little gem covers the most important data about basketball’s best from contemporary Kobe Bryant back to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the all-time highest scorer in history!
Readers of all ages will enjoy reading this series. It’s a quick read which will appeal to even the most reluctant of middle school readers! Included are photographs and statistics along with snippets of biographical information about 10 of the top basketball players of all time. Barry Wilner has captured the pulse of basketball with his active and exciting writing style. As a sportswriter, he undoubtedly knows how to reach the typical reader who loves sports, but who would have guessed that he could turn that sports-writing talent into a book that is so entertaining! Each entry includes a chart of statistics about the player, a two to three page description of the highlights of each player’s career, and finally, quotations by friends and fellow players who idolized each player. The pictures are among the best ever taken by sports’ photographers, and Wilner fit each into a colorful layout which dotted circles representing basketballs on almost every page. A typical middle school boy will pour over these facts, especially a boy who loves the sport.
The players who are included are: Abdul-Jabbar, Bird, Bryant, Chamberlain, Hayes, Jordan, Malone, Miller, Robertson and West. Seriously, Wilner has captured the best that each player has brought to the sport, and he has done it with a natural, relaxed writing style that is sure to please. Young readers will want more! The books ends with chapter notes, a few sites to consult and an index.
Note! There is a spelling error on p. 25, Louisiana is misspelled.
Squaresky, Martha

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