Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Genre listing for Animal stories, Conflict-fiction, and Fairytales

Animal stories
Andrekson, Judy Gunner: Hurricane Horse ms/jr
DeLaCroix, Alice The Best Horse Ever elem
Jansson, Tove Comet in Moominland elem
Katz, Jon Rose in a Storm ms/hs
Lazar, Carole Lucy Unstrung ms/jr
Marshall, Shelley Molly The Great Tells The Truth elem
Rodriguez, Beatrice The Chicken Thief elem
Tesdell, Diana Secker Dog Stories ms/hs
Wallace, Carol The Pumpkin Mystery elem

Auch, MJ Guitar Boy ms/hs
Aw, Tash Map of the Invisible World hs/adult
Cadnum, Michael Flash hs
Choyce, Lesley Reaction hs
Corriveau, Art How I Nicky Flynn Finally Get a Life and A Dog ms
Davies, Stephen Hacking Timbuktu ms/hs
Doman, Kate (adapted by) Camp ms/jr
Doman, Kate (adapted by) River ms/jr
Edge, Harry Spray: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide ms/hs
Finn, Daniel She Thief jr/sr
Harvey, Sarah N. Plastic (Orca Soundings) secondary
Hautman, Pete Blank Confession ms/hs
Hills, Lia The Beginner’s Guide to Living hs
Ignatov, Amy The Popularity Papers ms/hs
James, Rebecca Beautiful Malice hs
Jansson, Tove Finn Family Moomintroll elem
Jones, Traci L. Finding My Place ms/hs
Lang, Diane & Michael Buchanan Fat Boy Chronicles ms/hs
Lynch, Chris Angry Young Man hs
Malley, Gemma The Returners hs
McClintock, Norah Masked secondary
Meyerhoff, Jenny Queen of Secrets hs
Mitchell, Todd The Secret to Lying hs
Petrucha, Stefa Split hs
Petrucha, Stefan Split hs
Phillips, Jayne Anne Lark & Termite hs/adult
Pogue, David Abby Carnelia’s One & Only Magical Power ms/jr
Potter, Ellen The Kneebone Boy ms/jr
Price, Charlie The Interrogation of Gabriel James hs
Schwartz, Ellen Avalanche Dance hs
Shiga, Jason Meanwhile all ages
van Tol, Alex Knifepoint ms/hs
Watson, Renee What Momma Left Me ms
Whitehead, Colson Sag Harbor hs/adult

Baker, E.D. The Wide-Awake Princess ms
Bracken, Beth Cenicienta (Cinderella) elm/ms
George, Jessica Day Princess of Glass ms
Janisch, Heinz and A. Blau Fantastic Adventures of Baron Munchausen elem
Lairamore, Dawn Ivy’s Ever After ms
Lowry, Lois The Birthday Ball elm/ms
Napoli, Donna Jo The Wager ms/hs
Tomlinson, Heather Toads and Diamonds elem


Kerry McDonough said...

I am very interested in fairy tale stories since I am creating an enrichment program for preschoolers based on fairy tales. Although The Wide Awake Princess will not work in a preschool setting, it seems like an engaging story as a read-aloud for any elementary school class. I love books based on traditional fairy tales that offer a little modern-day twist. Especially, if "the twist" involves a more assertive and independent female.

Kerry McDonough said...

The Fantastic Adventures of Baron Munchausen looks like another good fairy tale that might appeal more to a male audience in the classroom that sometimes gets overlooked in this genre.

Colleen Ryan said...

I love to read Fairytales to the class I work in, you can really get the students to use their imagination. I would really like to read, The Wide-Awake Princess and Ivy's Ever After.