Friday, October 28, 2011

Daly, Cathleen. Flirt Club.

Daly, Cathleen. Flirt Club.
Roaring Brook Pr.see Macmillan children's 2011 281p 15.99
978-1-59643-572-8 Realistic Fiction, VG

Cisco and Bean, two 8th grade girls, are without boyfriends. They form a Flirt Club to learn the fine art of flirting and landing boys. Realistic chick lit for grades 5-8, filled with capital letters and exclamation points as told through journal entries and notes.
Two 8th grade girls named Cisco and Bean are without boyfriends. They form a Flirt Club in hopes of learning the fine art of flirting and landing a boyfriend. By observing the techniques of the popular girls, they try flipping their hair, dropping things near boys to see how the boys will react, and learn the art of winking. Told in journal entries and notes passed in school, this is a fun chick lit read for middle school girls. Plenty of capital letters to indicate emotion and exclamation points to follow up. Attuned to the girlie talk that fills middle school hallways wondering who is going with whom, two-timing boys, and a Glee-like drama cohort who pal around together. Cisco and Bean both land boyfriends and that leads to other concerns. Three plays/musicals in one year bind the novel together and allow a variety of characters and cliques to bond and break up. No offensive language except Good Gump and Flup which stand in for obvious swear words. The girls don’t talk about boobs, instead using asterisks: b**bs and the reader can imagine what s** is. The cover indicates an older girl so the book may have a hard time finding its audience when seen in a bookstore. Not essential, but sure to please girls who are on the cusp of romantic feelings.
A realistic look at middle school culture. Grades 5-8. Recommended where additional, clean chick lit books are needed. The realistic talk and culture of middle school girls is revealed in funny, embarrassing moments as well as times of true concern and angst. Grades 5-8. McNicol,Lois

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