Friday, October 28, 2011

Gardner, Robert. Earth’s Cycles.

Gardner, Robert. Earth’s Cycles.
Enslow 2011 112p 31.93
Team Green Science Projects (Enslow) E-BN

A science project book with 23 projects on the Earth’s cycles for students to use, explore and experiment. Many of the projects will need an adult. Using the scientific method student will be able to apply the process to create a successful science project. The process becomes a sure method that can be followed and will make it easier to succeed. Begin by making an observation, then formulate a question and then you will have a Hypothesis which translates into the answer to your question. You can make a prediction of what you think you will find if you do a variation of the experiment. Then you conduct the experiment, write down your data and results and compare to your previous statements. The second part of your project will be to prepare a written and visual presentation of your project.
This book give you a good selection of projects for the topic of earth’s cycles. There are least 23 projects you can chose from and at least 13 of them can be taken one step further and used in science fair provided you do the extra work to be creative with the project. Many of the projects may require adult supervision especially for the the younger students.

Plenty of pictures, illustrations, diagrams and fact boxes to help you decide which experiment can be taken one step further to suit your needs to help you develop your own new experiment.
This is a book for teachers and students. The projects will add fun to science classes and help students explore other possibilities.

Includes: Content, Glossary, Science supply companies, index, internet addresses, Further reading, and Graphs. Green science projects: Air, Energy, Water.
Science books with experiments that will get kids thinking about their planet and how they can help clean up or heal the planet. Diaz, Magna

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