Friday, October 28, 2011

Rappoport, Ken. David Wright.

Rappoport, Ken. David Wright.
Enslow 2011 48p 23.93
978-0-7660-3775-5 Sports Stars Who Care(Enslow) VG

“ Examines the life and career of David Wright, a third baseman with the New York Mets, and discusses his charitable work. “

Geared toward students in grades three through six, this short biography on David Wright examines his life and career as a Major League Baseball player (MLB) in an easy-to-understand manner. Students who love baseball and reading about sports stars will appreciate learning about David’s love of baseball and his career as a high school and college baseball player leading up to his professional career in the MLB for the New York Mets. The Mets believed that David was their answer to fixing their third base problem and over the first four seasons with the Mets, he helped them get into the playoffs in 2006 and he began to earn various awards including the best fielder and best hitter for his position in the National League. In 2009, he joined other American baseball stars in the World Baseball Classic to represent the United States in their win over Puerto Rico. In addition to game plays and statistics, students gain an understanding of David’s role in the community, as he was the first Met to start a charitable organization. The David Wright Foundation supports children’s causes, especially research and money toward multiple sclerosis.

Includes color photographs, career statistics, how to contact him, a words to know section, recommended books and websites, and an index. Each title in this series examines a sports figure while emphasizing some of the charitable work done by these sports players. Players include David Wright, Peyton Manning, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Kevin Garnett , Lebron James, and Tom Brady .
Would make a good addition to an elementary school collection. Would be useful for biography reports and for casual reading. Forba-Mayer, Charleen

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