Monday, November 28, 2011

I Know Someone Who Is Obese

Barraclough, Sue  I Know Someone Who Is Obese  
Heinemann (Capstone)    2011  32p   26.00 978-1-4329-4566-4  
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This book introduces readers to what obesity is, how it affects people, how it
can be prevented, and what they can do to be a good friend to someone who is
                Unappealing title aside, childhood obesity is a topic of
national concern. According to the Center for Disease Control, 17.5% of all
children and adolescents in the United States are obese– triple the rate from
just one generation ago.  Our values about body image, including obesity, are
socially defined.  But the facts show that medically, obese children face
increased health issues and risks.
          There is no single cause for childhood obesity and no single solution.
This volume presents an overview of the issue in a straightforward, matter-of-
fact manner.  The text addresses causes of obesity, how it affects an obese
person's lifestyle, and provides suggestions for overcoming obesity through diet
and exercise.  The simple language and colorful photographs combine for an
appealing, informative book.  The sections suggesting how friends of obese
individuals can modify activities to the obese person’s abilities were handled
with sensitivity.  The photographs sensitively depict overweight children.
          Unfamiliar terms are explained in a simple glossary, which does not
include pronunciation guides.  For readers who are interested in learning more
about the topic, a short booklist and two websites are suggested.  The Kids'
the option of listening to articles in English or Spanish as the corresponding
text is highlighted. The other website (
provides links to games, tips, and activities about the food pyramid and healthy
          This short, informative volume provides a good springboard for
discussion of this issue.  Welliver, Hilary


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