Monday, August 27, 2012

Monaghan, Annabel. A Girl Named Digit.

Monaghan, Annabel.  A Girl Named Digit.  Houghton Mifflin  187p  $16.99 978-0-547-66852-9   ms/hs     VG-BN   Realistic Fiction

Farrah “Digit” Higgins is a female math genius and the daughter of a UCLA math professor and an actress.  Her only goal in life is to avoid being outed as a math geek.  Her ability allows her to find patterns in things that other people can’t see.  Her gift gains her the nickname "Digit".  However, her ability to interpret numbers in a unique way makes her different from everyone around her.  However, this changes when she meets the Fab Four (Veronica - varsity tennis, Kat - varsity tennis, Olive - varsity tennis and biology club, and Tish - varsity tennis) in ninth grade.  They have been friends ever since.

The Fab Four hangs out every Tuesday night. One night Digit sees some random numbers scroll across the bottom of the teen drama on television.  This scrolling of numbers occurs for the next two weeks, with different numbers each time.  Digit’s mind has almost worked out the meaning of the numbers before the terrorist attack happens.  When it does, her father takes her to the FBI and Homeland Security to report what she knows.

This is where she meets the hot FBI agent and gets kidnapped.  From this point on, readers will be on edge of their seats as Digit and a team of agents track the terrorists.
Math-Fiction, Terrorists-Fiction                           --Linda McNeil

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