Monday, August 27, 2012

Nardo, Don. Medieval Europe.

Nardo, Don. Medieval Europe. Morgan Reynolds  126p  $28.95      978-1-59935-172-8       secondary   Series: World History      Good       

This is an accessible history of the unique time in Europe between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance.  With liberal use of primary-source documents, the author has written a very usable, appropriately illustrated book for research.  Side bars can be found throughout the book, highlighting information relevant to the adjacent text, such as "Spain’s visionary monarchs" (page 48) and "Attempts to regulate sanitation" (page 82).  Primary-source illustrations include a 15th-century miniature (page 25) and a hand-colored woodcut of the seal of the Merchant Guild of Gloucester, England, circa 1200 (page 55).  The book concludes with a timeline, list of resources, bibliography (print and web), glossary, and index.  

This series, which consists of eight titles, is very informative and will find use in secondary libraries where students conduct research about the periods covered by these books.                          --Lynn Fisher

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