Monday, August 27, 2012

Rau, Dana Meachen. The Midwest.

Rau, Dana Meachen.  The Midwest.    Scholastic/ Childrens Press   48p  $20.00  978-0 531-24850-8  elem      Series: A True Book (Scholastic/Childrens)  VG-BNes           

This book provides a good introduction to research for the very young elementary student, with key words in bold face and definitions in the back, an index, chapter headings, fact boxes, a list of resources for further research and a list of places to visit.  The writing is easy to read and understand, and the graphics are attractive and helpful.  I found only one error: the definition of “fertile” in the “Important Words” section equates an adjective with a noun.  (Instead, it should say “fertile -- good for growing crops and plants”.)

The book begins with an easy question, and asks readers to look for the answer within the text, which is a good device for getting the children’s attention.                                             --Carol Kennedy

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