Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rau, Dana Meachen. The Southwest.

Rau, Dana Meachen.  The Southwest.  Scholastic/ Childrens Press  48p $28.00 978-0 531-24853-9        elem  Series: A True Book (Scholastic/Childrens) VG

This book offers an overview of the Southwest region of the United States, noting similarities as well as what is unique about each state: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma. Vibrant photos, quick facts and attractive layout will appeal to grades 2-5. This book would make the perfect accompaniment for students vacationing in the Southwest.  Because there is more difference than similarity in the four states, there is not much depth in the descriptions of the many attractions, varieties of wildlife and terrain, and economic activities of any individual state.  The history of the region is possibly the best portion of the book, since the Hispanic and Native-American influences are the biggest common denominator of this region.  The crisp, vibrant photographs will appeal to the casual browser as well as someone planning to travel to these states.  An index and glossary of bold-type words in the text complete the book.   

The series A True Book: U. S. Regions provides a look at the United States by region: its history, economic activities, wildlife and terrain.  Crisp, vibrant photographs and quick facts will appeal to young readers.  A glossary and index complete each book.                       --Lois McNicol

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