Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lane, Andrew. Rebel Fire.

Lane, Andrew.     Rebel Fire.       Macmillan/Farrar Strauss      343p  $16.99
978-0-374-38768-6       ms/hs       VG-BN             Mystery/Detective

Andrew Lane’s exciting second case for the teenaged Sherlock Holmes leads the young detective to America and straight into the heart of a shocking conspiracy.  In the summer of 1868, Sherlock is spending the school holiday in the home of his uncle, where he is tutored by the mysterious American Amyus Crowe, while his brother Mycroft is in London.  After Sherlock overhears his visiting brother and Crowe discussing a conspiracy involving the possible participation of John Wilkes Booth, he and his friend Matty investigate.  Captured by the villains, Sherlock manages to escape, but Matty is taken hostage, and the chase to save him and discover the nefarious plot leads them across the Atlantic by steamship to New York.  Romance enters as Sherlock begins to fancy Virginia, the tutor’s daughter.  Sherlock’s daring adventure is filled with twists, turns, evil villains, and enough blood and gore to attract the most reluctant readers.  Readers will be enthralled with the fast-paced activities and antics of the two boys.   This is the second book in a series authorized by the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle that tries to account for how Sherlock Holmes grew up to be an investigative and innovative detective.           

This is a very well-written book that will appeal to many young readers.  It is recommended for the middle- and high-school library.  It would make a very good selection for a basic books list for school libraries.     

Mystery, Sherlock Holmes                                                                       -- Susan Ogintz   

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