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Coma (series Moderator).

Kopp, Dwight.  Coma (series Moderator).  Dwight Kopp  2013  204p.  $9.13      ISBN 978-0-9895-8534-7  hs  Science fiction        VG-BN          

Written as the second book of the Moderator series, Coma picks up exactly where the first book ends, and begins with the same level of immediate suspense and action as Moderator.  There is no recap of the first book, and having read many books between the two books in the series, I found it necessary to reread the first book, as the characters and their game names are many and complicated.  Inclusion of the players’ identities in an extended prologue would have been helpful.  However, this book is just as exciting as the first, and a review of Moderator leads directly into the fast-paced plot of Coma.

In this second book, new players are manipulated into a game that has Lana kidnapped and held hostage, Nick framed for her mysterious disappearance, and Seth convicted for the murder
of his grandmother and the theft of her lottery winnings.  As the new players begin their initiation to the game, the previous players from Moderator begin to piece together their experiences in an effort to identify the Moderator and stop him from the horror and terror he creates through the game.
Dwight Kopp once again has succeeded in keeping the reader on the edge of
his or her seat in this intense, fast-paced suspense novel.  One becomes deeply involved in the plot and intimately identifies with the challenges and pain Lana faces in her struggle for survival.  Likewise, the reader also feels the deep frustration and urgency of the previous game players desperate to end the madness that the Moderator creates through the game. And once again, Kopp amazes the reader with a completely unpredictable surprise ending.

Summary: Coma is the second book in the Moderator series and is just as exciting as the first, launching the reader on a most suspenseful and dangerous quest with the characters that have been lured into the game. Both books have earned TriState Book Review Committee’s Books of Note sstatu.  The players in the game have compared notes and collectively seek the identity of the Moderator to put an end to the terror he causes: most recently the disappearance of Lana and the accusations that are cast on Nick and Seth.          

Games-Fiction, Adventure-Fiction                      --Virginia McGarvey

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