Sunday, April 20, 2014

Harlem Renaissance Artists and Writers.

Beckman, Wendy Hart.  Harlem Renaissance Artists and Writers.     Enslow  2014      112p  $31.93  ISBN 978-0-7660-4165-3  ms/hs series: Inspiring Collective Biographies   Biography   VG  

This collective biography portrays the lives and contributions of ten of the most influential contributors to the Harlem Renaissance.  Each of the ten brief chapters succinctly presents the background, childhood, education, and influence of one important person.  The text is accurate and well written, and the short but concise chapters provide information to young readers without overwhelming them.

In addition to the informative text
, the book has a great deal of visual appeal.  The graphics and black-and-white photographs enhance the text and represent the time period while they support the professional presentation of material.

This newly republished edition of the 2002 Artists and Writers of the Harlem Renaissance will engage young readers.
 It is also a useful resource as it contains a table of contents, chapter notes, lists for further reading and a comprehensive index.

This is one book in the Inspiring Collective Biographies series. There are currently eight titles in the series. 

Summary: A collection of biographies about ten of the most influential African-American people that contributed to the Harlem Renaissance through art, literature, poetry, and music.        

Harlem Renaissance                                    --Virginia McGarvey

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