Friday, April 18, 2014

The Man Who Invented the Laser.

Wyckoff, Edwin Brit.  The Man Who Invented the Laser.  Enslow     2014  48p  $15.95  ISBN 978-0-7660-4138-7 elem/ms  series: Genius Inventors and Their Great Ideas  Biography  VG-BNS  

This concise book delivers a wealth of information. The crisply written text provides information about Theodore H. Maimen’s persistence and determination, and both his failures and his accomplishments, resulting in his ultimate invention of the laser.  This well-organized, brief book chronicles Theodore’s life and his determination to invent and prove the diversity of uses for the laser.

In addition to the informative text, the visual appeal will entice and engage young readers. Primary sources in the form of photographs, both black
-and-white and color, compliment and clarify the text.  Photographic captions provide further details.

This book also encourages innovation among young people
, providing information about creating and patenting inventions.  With its table of contents, timeline, patent acquisition information, glossary, lists of resources to learn more, and comprehensive index, this book is a great resource for aspiring inventors and young researchers.

This is one book in the Genius Inventors and Their Great Ideas series.  There are currently six titles in the series, which includes the inventors of the electric guitar, the Ferris wheel, television, Kevlar (bullet-proof thread), and the game of basketball.

Summary: Details the life of Theodore H. Maiman, inventor of the laser, including his childhood inventions, his determination, his associates and his success.

Theodore H. Maiman, Laser                             --Virginia McGarvey

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