Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bill Gates.

Harbo, Christopher L.   Bill Gates.  Capstone Publishers    2014  24p  $21.32  ISBN 978-1-4765-9641-9  pre K-elem  series: Business Leaders  Biography  E-BNes

This brief introductory biography of Bill gates is designed for the early elementary grades.  It includes the bare-bones facts of his life and work.  Starting with his childhood, it covers the start of Microsoft, its growth, and his work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The format
for each double-page spread is a photograph and facing text.  The photographs are captioned.  A developing timeline is at the bottom of each two-page spread.  The glossary is brief, and three print titles are provided for further information, along with the publisher-sponsored FactHound web site.  The index is adequate.  Two questions are provided for a parent or teacher to extend critical thinking skills using Common Core Standards.
This is an excellent resource for the primary grades.

Summary: A biography of Bill Gates for the youngest readers.  Includes the basic facts with a running timeline at the bottom of each two-page spread. Grades K-2.           

The Business Leaders series includes four titles.  Each is a brief early reader biography of a business leader and the company he started.  The titles include Bill Gates, Milton Hershey, Sam Walton and Wallace “Famous” Amos.  

Bill Gates-Biography                                  --Joan Theal

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