Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hawke, Rosanne.  Spirit of Mountain Wolf.  Enslow     2014  208p  $17.95  ISBN 978-1-6234-033-2  hs   Multicultural  E-BN     

When young Razaq Khan witnesses the destruction of his village and his family by an earthquake in the mountains of Pakistan, his trust in his fellow man leads him into a life of squalor and servitude.  At the same time, his uncle is working desperately to find Razaq and return him to safety.  Hawke has written a beautiful book about family, trust, and the most negative aspects of humanity -- the capacity to hold another person captive, and treat another person, young or old, as sexual prey. The plot is adult in nature, and mentors should be cognizant of this before recommending it to young readers. Young adults will find the story compelling and disturbing, but will still read the book, as they do others of this type.  The theme of childhood slavery is crucial to the story, and the sex and violence should be considered when loaning.                

Pakistan-Fiction, Child Slavery-Fiction               --Lynn Fisher    

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