Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jennifer Hudson.

Micklos, John.  Jennifer Hudson.  Enslow  2014  104p  $26.60      ISBN 978-0-7660-4233-9    ms/hs  series: African American Icons  Biography  E-BN

Jennifer Hudson always knew she wanted to sing.  With the support of family and friends, that is exactly what she has been able to do with her life.  Information on her childhood and teen years is insightful, showing the importance of her staying grounded as she grew into fame.  The behind-the-scenes look at American Idol provides insight into the auditioning process and the life of a contestant.  Her success after losing on American Idol is shown to be due to her perseverance and belief that life is good.  Her personal life, including her love of fiance Otunga, her weight loss, and the deaths of her mother, brother and nephew are all detailed. This book will satisfy the Jennifer Hudson fan as well as those who need information for reports on successful young musicians/actors or young black Americans.  There are no photographs, just solid information on her life. Included are a timeline, source notes, an index, a glossary and lists for further reading. 
The series African American Icons consists of numerous titles on successful black Americans who are well known to the public, many of them entertainers.  There is solid information on their lives and successes, but no photographs.  Each volume includes a timeline, source notes, an index, and a glossary. Gr 6-12.

Summary: From her childhood, through American Idol, to Dreamgirls, to motherhood, the life of Jennifer Hudson is presented with all its ups and downs. Behind the scenes information on American Idol provides insight into the contest. Grades 6-12.           

Jennifer Hudson                                       --Lois McNicol

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