Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Lost Planet.

Searles, Rachel.  The Lost Planet.  Macmillan/Feiwel & Friends    2014  374p $15.99  ISBN 978-1-250-03879-1  ms/jr      Science fiction  VG    

Chase arrives into a shield-protected compound with no memory of who he is, but remembering the phrase “Guide the star.  Parker rescues him and they begin to try to figure out his identity.  In a world of multiple inhabited planets, space travel and sophisticated robots, the United Fleet acts like a universal police force.  Chase and Parker often makes wrong choices in whom to put their trust.  The reader must remember these boys are only about thirteen years old and on their own.

The boys meet up with Maurus
, an alien who was serving with the fleet but has been framed for the destruction of the planet where Parker was living.  Near the end of the book, Chase discovers a sister he still cannot remember and clears Maurus of wrongdoing, but he still knows very little about himself.  The story is left at a point where a sequel seems possible.

This is an exciting story that boys and girls will not be able to put down.  The setting, details of space travel, weapons and scientific advances
-- all make this an exciting, exotic read.  Unfortunately, too much is left unresolved, and this will be disappointing for some readers.

Summary: This novel presents a rousing mystery and adventure romp through a future world.  Chase arrives, with no memory, in a place where he has never been before.  He has plenty of exciting adventures as he tries to get some answers.  Grade 6 and up               
Future-Fiction                                        --Joan Theal

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