Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Zeke Meeks vs His Big Phony Cousin. (Zeke Meeks)

Green, D.L.  Zeke Meeks vs His Big Phony Cousin. (Zeke Meeks)  Capstone/Picture window  2014  128p  ISBN 15.99  ISBN 978-1-4795-2167-8  elem  Realistic fiction  VG

Elementary students who like realistic fiction will like this new humorous title in which they meet Zeke, who is a video game lover and trickster.  When Zeke’s class was assigned a class project, Zeke offered to show the class his project on the last day.  As usual, he put off doing his project and had no idea what he even wanted to show off.  As he watched his classmates display their projects, he still wondered what he could do for his project.  When Zeke’s cousin Sam and family arrived, Zeke was excited about his visit with Sam, as he hoped the two of them would have fun together.  But after Sam’s arrival, Zeke realized that having his cousin here was no fun at all.  Sam’s family thought he was perfect in every way, and Zeke learned that his cousin was a big phony.  After a conflict, Zeke and Sam finally began to bond and then the two learned to have fun together.  Since Zeke taught Sam how to play video games for the first time, he used his teaching skills to his advantage, and this became his big project.

The author uses easy-to-read text, black-and-white illustrations, information about the author and illustrator, questions about manners classes, tips for faking a sickness, and a glossary of big words
(according to Zeke).

For schools
that use Accelerated Reader, an existing test is available for students to take (AR Quiz # 163767).  Ten titles have been published so far in this chapter-book series. 

Summary: “Zeke can't wait for his cousin Sam to arrive for a visit. But once Sam arrives, Zeke quickly tires of his guest's constant bragging and sucking up. Is Sam really perfect or is he just a big phony?”  In this first book of a new series, students meet Zeke Meeks, a third-grade boy with his share of problems.      

Cousins-Fiction                                 --Charleen Forba-Mayer

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