Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Supreme Court

Benoit, Peter.  The Supreme Court.  Scholastic Press  2014  64p  $22.50  ISBN 978-0-531-21332-2  ms/hs  series: Cornerstones of Freedom  Nonfiction  VG-BN

This book explains how the Supreme Court was established, its power, and important cases from the past that still impact Americans today, and many of the cases relating to civil rights and schools.  A first source to learn about the scope of the Supreme Court. Gr 4+

Written in easily understood terms, this book shows readers how the United States Supreme Court was conceived and established, how justices are appointed, what powers it has, and how its decisions have impacted daily life.  The focus on school-related cases will resonate with readers who are students themselves.  Various civil-rights cases are covered to show the impact of the court on daily lives.  Colorful photos dot the text, as do text boxes of pertinent information.  Mini-biographies, a timeline, lists of resources for further reading, a glossary of highlighted terms, and an index complete this book.            

Cornerstones of Freedom has added four new titles that explore events, institutions and people who have had a major impact on American history.  They are colorfully illustrated, easy-to-read texts, and each includes mini-biographies, timelines, lists for further reading, a glossary and an index. Gr 4-10.     

Supreme Court                                         --Lois McNicol

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