Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tin Star

Castellucci, Cecil.  Tin Star.  Macmillan/Roaring Brook Press     2014  233p  $16.99  ISBN 978-1-59643-775-3  ms/hs      Science fiction  VG    

Tula Bane is delighted to be a part of the mission to develop a new civilization on a new planet.  Brother Blue has made her a big part of this endeavor, and Tula is thrilled that he has taken her under his wing.  However, when she becomes concerned about supplies that were not loaded on the spaceship, she questions Brother Blue, and this is a huge mistake.  Not only is she going to be left behind as a consequence, but she is beaten and left for dead.

The excitement and mystery starts at the very beginning
of the novel.  Baffled by the strange and dangerous turn of events, the reader feels a sense of urgency to help Tula Bane.  Adventure and suspense abound as the exciting plot unfolds.  The text is embedded with wonderful figurative language that places the reader in the thick of the action.

Cecil Castellucci has created a story that will captivate young readers
-- a very good science-fiction, fantasy thriller that refreshingly steps away from the usual dystopian-society novels. This creative and original story will thrill and involve young and young-adult readers.
Summary: Tula Bane is excited to be taken under the wing of Brother Blue as they embark on a journey to develop a new civilization on a new planet, but she is devastated when she is beaten and left for dead because she has been too outspoken about the events leading up to the mission.

Science fiction                                 --Virginia McGarvey

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