Monday, March 9, 2015

Red Wolves.

Gregory, Josh.  Red Wolves.  Scholastic/Childrens Press     2014  48p  $25.20  ISBN 978-0-531-21227-1 elem series: Nature's Children  Nonfiction VG-BNS     

Elementary students who love red wolves will enjoy this new title.  Beautifully illustrated with glossy color photographs and illustrations, it will provide students with a better understanding of these amazing mammals.  Organized and written in five easy-to-comprehend chapters, it will acquaint readers with these beautiful rare breed animals.  Students learn many different things about red wolves including their physical characteristics, diet, habits, habitats, and where they can be found.   The author touches upon what they hunt, how they survive,  and how these powerful predators are becoming endangered.  Students learn how red wolves live in groups called packs within home ranges or territories, along with information about their mating and how they communicate with each other.  Since red wolves are carnivores, their diet is primarily meat, but they also eat berries and insects.  The author touches upon conservation groups and captive breeding programs to help save red wolves from extinction.

The title includes beautiful color photographs, a fact file on the red wolf, interesting fun
-fact boxes, words to know, a habitat map, recommended books and web sites, and a comprehensive index. 

For schools
that use Accelerated Reader, a test has already been created, AR Quiz #164721.

As of this review
, 57 titles have been published to help readers discover how fascinating creatures survive in the wild, how they raise their young, and how they are related to other species.  Each title also raises important ideas about conservation by examining the animal's current status and explaining the ways humans have affected it throughout the years.     

Summary: “An introduction to the red wolf, covering survival in the wild, raising of young, relationships to other species, and protection and conservation issues.” 

Red wolf                                        --Charleen Forba-Mayer

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