Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sports Injuries.

Langwith, Jacqueline.  Sports Injuries.  Gale/Kidhaven/Blackbirch/Greenhaven/Lucent 2014  135p  $40.45  ISBN 978-0-7377-6358-4      ms/jr   series: Perspectives on Diseases & Disorders   Nonfiction  VG-BNS    

This concise book provides detailed information about sports-related injuries; however, it is delivered in a manner that will not intimidate young readers.  The crisply written text is based on data, graphs, and research studies that will introduce the reader to informative non-fiction in a manner that is succinct, interesting, and understandable.  The book also cites well-known institutions when presenting controversies around sports injury.  The authors also responsibly include information on the prevention of these injuries.

In addition to the very informative text
, the book has visual appeal.  Each new chapter is introduced by a blue page with a chapter summary and sources the author used for the chapter.  Colorful graphs, illustrations, and captioned charts are interspersed throughout each chapter.  There are also “Fast Fact” caption boxes that provide additional information.  The strong text combined with colorful graphics will engage and inform young readers without overwhelming them.

This book is also a very good resource for middle
-school research.  The organization, detailed table of contents, glossary, chronology, list of organizations to contact, information for further reading, and comprehensive index will help young researchers easily find information.
This is one book in the Perspectives on Diseases & Disorders series. There are currently 60 volumes in the series, each describing a particular disease or disorder.  The consistency of format in all of the books makes this multi-volume set a valuable addition for middle-school libraries. 

Summary: This book describes sports injuries, with information about ACL tears and brain injuries as well as the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. 

Sports injuries                                 --Virginia McGarvey

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