Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The History of Gospel Music.

Woog, Adam.  The History of Gospel Music.  Gale/Lucent      2014  136p  $35.95  ISBN 978-1-4205-0945-8  ms/hs     series: Music Library  Nonfiction  E-BNS   

Gospel music is at the center of African-American religious worship, from its history in slave songs to pop and current artists.  This volume, The History of Gospel Music, is part of the History of Music series.  Featuring the music and musicians who have innovated, fostered and developed gospel music, this title provides a very complete look at the full range of gospel music from slave songs to today’s artists like Lecrae.  The information is presented through text, photographs with detailed captions, and sidebars.  The text is very readable, yet it includes great detail in telling the story of gospel music.

Additional material includes detailed note
s for each chapter, an annotated listening list of recommended CD’s, a glossary, a four-page annotated bibliography for further information, an extensive index and a list of picture credits.  This title is a complete research tool for students.  The level of detail and length of the text make this title perfect for older middle-school students and high-school students.

The Music Library includes 13 titles discussing the innovators who have shaped each style of music from jazz to classical to rock and roll.  The series is excellent for research.

Summary: This book focuses on the music, musicians, instruments and cultural significance of gospel music.  High school, maybe middle.    

Gospel music                                                --Joan Theal

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