Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Eulberg, Elizabeth. We Can Work It Out.

Eulberg, Elizabeth.  We Can Work It Out.  Scholastic Press/Point  2015  311p  $17.99  ISBN 978-0-545-65461-6  ms/hs  Realistic fiction  VG  

This story illustrates how difficult it is to balance your life when you are a busy teenage girl trying to maintain a relationship.  The Club takes up an inordinate amount of Penny’s time, and Ryan’s never-ending understanding seems somewhat unbelievable.  In addition, how many teenage girls would sacrifice a potentially great boyfriend to a club, or anything else, for that matter?  A simple, fluffy writing style and an otherwise breezy storyline make this a fun, quick read. There is nothing inappropriate in the story that would keep it out of a middle-school collection, where no doubt it will find its readership with those who enjoy chick-lit.

Summary: This story, the sequel to The Lonely Hearts Club, finds Penny Lane trying to balance a boyfriend, The Lonely Hearts Club, and the rest of her life.

Romance-Fiction                                                   --Lynne Fisher

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