Wednesday, November 18, 2015

O’Connor, George. Ares, Bringer of War.

O’Connor, George.  Ares, Bringer of War.  Macmillan/First Second  2015  unp  $9.99  ISBN 978-0-1-62672-013-8  ms/hs  series: Olympians   .  Graphic novel  E-BN

The seventh installment of The Olympians, this book about Ares lives up to the quality of the previous volumes.  O’Conner’s illustrations bring the story of Ares and his role in the Trojan War to life.  Many recent retellings of this story omit the role of the gods and goddesses to focus instead on the mortals and demigods.  The gods quickly divide into factions and leave a trail of destruction in their wake over the course of the battle.  The “Greek Notes” section explains minor characters, action in the story, and artistic decisions that were made.  This graphic novel is highly recommended for any middle- and high-school mythology collection.  

Summary: The Greek god Ares and his role in the Trojan War are illustrated in a graphic novel.       

Greek myth                                                  --Stephanie Pennucci

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