Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lynch, P. J. The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower: Or John Howland’s Good Fortune.

Lynch, P. J.  The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower: Or John Howland’s Good Fortune.  Candlewick Press   2015  np    $17.99  ISBN 978-0-7636-6584-5  elem/ms  Nonfiction  E-BN    

John Howland was a boy who belonged to the separatist group we call Puritans.  He came to London with his master to hire a ship to take them to the New World.  They left in the night on the Mayflower, and the crew were not delighted about these passengers.  The crossing was very rough.  In one storm John Howland was swept overboard.  He was able to hold on to a trailing rope and was rescued.  Life onboard the ship is described, with the passengers crowded between decks, wet and cold.  Upon reaching Cape Cod, it takes weeks to find a good place for the settlement and then to build at least one house.  Many die.  By the end of winter only half of the group is left.  Then it is time for the Mayflower to return to England.  Samoset appears with Squanto and life becomes better.  After the harvest, the relief ship, the Fortune, arrives, bringing more settlers but no supplies.  John plans on going back on this ship but a girl helps him change his mind and stay.
This title, though the size of a picture book, is chock full of information about the voyage and the beginning of the settlement.  It will flesh out the Thanksgiving story with details for grades 2-7. 

Summary: As John travels on the Mayflower to the new world, he falls overboard in a storm.  Fortunately, he grabs a trailing rope and is pulled aboard.  He tells about the trip, the First Thanksgiving, and life in the colony. 

John Howland, Pilgrims, First Thanksgiving                  --Joan Theal

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