Saturday, March 12, 2016

Zeiger, Jennifer. Queen Elizabeth II.

Zeiger, Jennifer.  Queen Elizabeth II.  Scholastic/Childrens Press      2015  48p   $27.00  ISBN 978-0-531-21599-9  elem  series: A True Book  Biography  E-BN     

Elizabeth was not born into the family line expected to rule Great Britain.   This title explains how she became queen at the age of 25.  When her father became king, her education changed to prepare her for her future.  Throughout the book, things she has been the first to do are stressed.  She is the first female monarch to have served in the military, the longest ruling monarch, the first since Queen Victoria to have a child while ruling as monarch, and the first to have her daily activities filmed for television.  She has welcomed a visit from a pope and has visited Ireland.  She is an influential leader.

The text is well supported by excellent photographs, a timeline,
a glossary, an index and the link to the publisher-sponsored web site.  The text is simple and will be easily understood by young independent readers.  

Summary: This biography of Queen Elizabeth II introduces elementary readers to her childhood and how she became queen.  It stresses several firsts in her monarchy and the future of the monarchy through her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Grades 3-5.

Queen Elizabeth II                                    --Joan Theal

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