Thursday, September 22, 2016

Calkhoven, Laurie . Women Who Changed the World.

Calkhoven, Laurie .  Women Who Changed the World.  Scholastic Press     2016  96p  $8.99  ISBN 978-0-545-88962-9  elem  VG

Upper-elementary school students are introduced to fifty of the most influential and inspirational American women.  Students who are looking for quick facts about these women will appreciate reading these inspirational and motivational stories, in which they will learn how many of these women overcame obstacles.  The author includes a fact file, a photograph, and an illustration of each lady, and information that young students would like to know.  Some women are given a two-page spread, and others have only one page devoted to them. 

The author includes a list of more American women who changed the world, along with a glossary of terms.

Students who read these stories may be inspired to want to make a mark of their own.  Libraries that put this title in their collections will need to add all of the women in the cataloging note so that students reach for this title when searching for information about these ladies.                  
Summary: Fifty of the most influential and inspirational American women who had a lasting impact on our nation and the world are introduced to elementary students. 

Women-Biography, Women-History                              –Charleen Forba-Mayer 

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