Thursday, November 10, 2016

Knudsen, Michelle. The Mage of Trelian.

Knudsen, Michelle.  The Mage of Trelian.  Candlewick Press  2016  425p  $17.99  ISBN 978-0-7636-7136-6  ms/jr  Fantasy  VG-BN   

The third installment of the Trelian series, The Mage of Trelian, finds apprentice mage Calen desperate to escape Krelig, the evil and powerful mage determined to destroy the Magistatum and rule the world.  Krelig plans to strip Calen of his untapped magical power, but is training him first, in order to unlock Calen’s full potential.

Meanwhile, Trelian is at war and Princess Meg is fighting invading forces with her dragon.  She refuses to believe Calen is a traitor, but she is alone in her opinion.  Calen must return to Meg before it is too late to restore his good name and Meg’s eroding trust.

While the ending of this final volume is ambiguous and, as a result, unsatisfying, fans of the Trelian books will agree that Knudsen leaves her readers in a better place than the cliffhanger ending of volume two, and the very long gap readers endured in the interim between the two volumes.  The text is engaging and the action-packed plot propels the reader along to the last page. Great world-building and well-drawn characters round out an appealing addition to a well-written series.
Summary: The final installment of the Trelian series finds apprentice mage Calen being held captive to the evil Krelig while Princess Meg and her dragon engage in battles to defend her kingdom.

Warfare-Fiction, Adventure-Fiction                    --Hilary Welliver

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