Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leonard, M. G. Beetle Boy.

Leonard, M. G.  Beetle Boy.   Scholastic/Chicken House  2016  270p  $16.99  ISBN 978-0-545-85346-0  ms  Science fiction  VG

Darkus is the only son of a single father who has vanished mysteriously. After being relocated to a new school and a foster home, he is taken in by his uncle. At the new school Darkus makes his first real friends. While living at his uncle’s house he discovers a beetle with near-human intelligence. With the help of this beetle, his new friends and his uncle, Darkus is determined to rescue his father, who he knows never would have abandoned him. This is a lively, well-written, easy read that will inspire reluctant readers with its fast pace and will appeal to boys who love bugs.

Summary: Darkus suddenly finds himself living with his uncle after his father’s disappearance. The police have met a dead end in the search for his father, but Darkus, along with his uncle, new friends and some unexpected insect help, plans to find his father and make things right again.   

Family-Fiction, Friendship-Fiction                    --Erin Daley

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