Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mara, Wil. Software Development.

Mara, Wil.  Software Development.  Scholastic/Childrens Press  2016  64p  ISBN 978-0-531-23003-9      Series: Calling All Innovators  ms  Nonfiction  VG     

      With STEAM education as a critical component of schools today, students who are interested in entering one of many fields will learn loads by reading this book. Chapter 1 begins with a detailed history of computers and how they have developed through the years. Chapter 2 highlights how computer programs are created and does not make it sound like a walk in the park, but instead offers a realistic look at the work that goes into program creation. Chapter 3 examines a wide range of job titles related to software development, from engineer to architect, again going into detail and stressing that software development is work and not just play. Lastly, chapter 4 discusses testing, working with others, and getting one’s technology out to the public. The back of the book includes career statistics, a glossary and suggested sources for further reading.   

Summary: Software Development takes a look at how computer programming began, how it has developed and what goes into the process.

Software development, STEAM                           --Erin Daley

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