Monday, November 7, 2016

Moldavsky, Goldy. Kill the Boy Band.

Moldavsky, Goldy.  Kill the Boy Band.  Scholastic Press/Point     2016  312p  $17.99  ISBN 978-0-545-86747-4  hs  Conflict       VG   

Kill the Boy Band is a truly unique book that covers a genre that does not have much written about it in fiction: that of obsessed mega-fans of celebrities. Four high-school girls share almost nothing except their obsession for the British boy band the Ruperts (so named because all four members have the first name “Rupert”). This is a dark comedy, an action-adventure with hilarious moments pertaining to finding ways to get a personal experience with the boy band members. Small digs at reality-based talent shows, obsessed fans, fan fiction, and rpf authors (Real People Fiction) make this a fun romp, unless you happen to be a mega-fan and become offended. For the uninitiated, this is an eye-opening look at the world of obsessed teenage fans and their ethics or lack thereof. When the four girls check into a hotel that will house the boy band, they find a way to be on the same floor as the band and inadvertently kidnap one of its members. Without giving away the hijinks, there is nonstop action after about the first 50 pages, unbelievable unexpected plot twists that make sense in the world of obsessed fans, and conflict what the girls should do to resolve their potentially criminal acts. A note: there are swear words, some even translated from Spanish. This is a story of nice girls, but of nice girls who become vicious when they ignore their better instincts.      

Summary: When mega-fans of a boy band devise a way to get close to the singing stars by booking a room in the band’s hotel, mayhem ensues. Kill the Boy Band provides a unique look at mega-fans and what drives them.  Much dark comedy and lots of puns about songs and movies. Grades 10+. 

Boy bands-Fiction, Fan Fiction                        --Lois McNicol

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