Monday, November 7, 2016

Petersen, Justin. Bomb Disposal Units: Disarming Deadly Explosives.

Petersen, Justin.  Bomb Disposal Units: Disarming Deadly Explosives.  Capstone Publishers  2016  32p  $20.49  ISBN 978-1-4914-8028-1 Series: Edge Books  elem  Nonfiction  VG

This succinct book provides great information about bomb disposal units. It begins with a description of bomb squad technicians and then continues with the training required to do their job. Subsequent chapters provide information on emergency response, how the squads respond to and in emergencies, specific well-known scenes in which bomb disposal units have been used, and the cleanup process after a response. The text is written at a lower reading level and is sensitive with information for its readership.

In addition to the fascinating writing, the book has visual appeal. Full-color photographs are included on each doublepage spread, and they enhance the text and will engage young readers. Also included are fact boxes of text, as well as captions for the graphics that provide further clarity. Words that may challenge young readers are highlighted and defined directly on the pages where they appear, aiding fluency for the reader.
Summary: This nonfiction book describes bomb disposal units, discussing lives on the line, job training, emergency response, uses, and the cleanup process.

Bomb disposal, Emergencies                      --Virginia McGarvey

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