Monday, November 7, 2016

Reynolds, Peter H. Playing from the Heart.

Reynolds, Peter H.  Playing from the Heart.     Candlewick Press  2016  unp.  $15.00  ISBN 978-0-7636-7892-0  all ages  Picture book  VG-BN    

Music connects the musician and the audience.  When Raj begins plunking away on the piano, the music flows from his heart to the keyboard.  His father is impressed and arranges for Raj to take music lessons. As Raj’s technical skills increase, his love of playing piano decreases.  When he graduates, Raj moves away and abandons music.  Then, many years later, when his father becomes very ill, Raj rediscovers the song that flows from his heart, when his father asks him to play music for him once more.

Reynolds’ evocative illustrations are the perfect complement to the bittersweet story.  Moving without being maudlin, this is a gentle story about the power of music to heal and to inspire.     

Summary: Raj learns the technical aspects of playing the piano, but when his father becomes ill and asks Raj to play for him, will Raj learn to play from the heart?

Music-Picture books                                   --Hilary Welliver

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