Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bowen, Carl. Elite Firefighting Crew. (Firestormers.)

Bowen, Carl.  Elite Firefighting Crew.   (Firestormers.)  Capstone Publishers  2016  223p  $8.95  ISBN 978-1-62370-756-9  ms  Conflict  E-BN            

This is an exciting action story with elite firefighters and two or more story threads.  It is a compilation of at least two shorter titles in the Firestormers series.  One involves the story of Sgt. Rendon, a female crew chief who needs to convince a group of people to leave their homes for safety.  A second major thread is the rescue of Sgt. Rodger’s brother and his crew.  These two story threads are printed in the separate titles of Bone Yard and Hot Spot.  The story lines about Lt. Garrett and Chief MacElreath may also have been published in the smaller editions.  The various story lines alternate through the chapters.
The story is exciting and includes lots of danger, firefighting strategies, and descriptions of equipment.  Middle-school readers will love this title.        

Summary: Fighting a wildfire in Klamath National Forest, one crew chief must convince a group of people to leave their home in the face of the fire.  Another team must perform a search-and-rescue mission for a missing crew of local firefighters.  Grades 4-8.

Fire-fighting-Fiction                                                                                                    --Joan Theal

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